Music for Renaissance Lute or Vihuela

Various Authors: Canto Llano, The Manuscript Sources for Vihuela/Viola da Mano

36 Pieces by Antonio, Francesco Cardone, Fabrizio Dentice, López, Mendoza, Francisco Paez, and Anonymous.

For six-course vihuela or lute.

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The music has been gathered from eight originally Spanish and Italian sources and is edited here for the first time in one book, all in French tablature. An extensive critical commentary documents all editorial changes and reconstructions. Includes 14 variations on the folia, romanesca, pavanilla, etc.; 11 recercatas, fantasias, toccatas, etc.; 6 intabulations; 5 dances from:


Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria, MS 596.HH.24

London, British Library, C.48.h.1

Pesaro, Biblioteca Oliveriana, MS 1144

Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, R 14630

Simancas, Archivo General, Casa y Sitios Reales, Legajo 394, folio 130

Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, Ms 6001, Ramillete de flores

Krakow, Bibliotheka Jagielonska, Mus. Ms. 40032, “Barbarino manuscript”

Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, SA.76.A.15 


Staple binding, eye friendly ivory coloured paper, 68 pages.

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